What Is A WOWOB?

Simply put, a WOWOB is a woman owned, woman operated business. Our definition is a business that is at least 50% owned by one or more women, and a woman is involved in the day-to-day operations of the business and has upper level decision making responsibilities.

Why Should I Care

It’s not just about economics.

WOWOB’s reinvest a much higher part of their earnings in their families and communities, spreading wealth and creating a positive impact on future development. 1

They are more philanthropic at every income level, and give to charity more often and in larger amounts. 2

Women owned businesses offer more “family friendly” benefits for their employees. 3

They treat their employees better and give back to their communities. 4

They won’t sell or move their business without considering the effects on their employees and their community. 5

They put a higher value on businesses that behave ethically. 6

They have a greater appreciation concerning sustainability and the environment. 7

What Can I do?

Help Spread The Word!

If you are a WOWOB join the movement and be proud that you are one of a growing number of influential business owners.

If you are not a WOWOB but want to support the movement, join the movement and look for WOWOB's to buy from and support.

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